What to Expect


South Sound Family Services strives to provide a secure and safe place for families to visit. We expect all visitors to help us achieve this goal by positively participating in the visit and adhering to our policies at all times.

Please Read our Rules of Visits (see link on the top menu) for additional information.

Expectations of all Parties involved in the Supervised Visit:

When you set up a supervised visitation or agree to a visit being set up, you are expected to be on time for the visit. Case Supervisors will only wait a maximum of 15 minutes after the scheduled start time before a visit will be canceled and deemed a “no show”. You will be charged for a “no show”.

You are expected to pay for your visit by cash, check or card.

You can expect that rules will be strictly enforced to optimize the potential for a successful visit for all parties involved. These rules apply to all visitors while on the premises before, during and after the visit. Click the “Rules of Visit” link under the Contents on the sidebar to read our Rules and Regulations.

You can expect to have quality time with your child and/or children. The Case Supervisor is there to observe but you are there to interact, play and bond with your child. This is your time to spend so spend it wisely.

You can expect that you will not have to interact with the other parent or guardian before, during or after the visit. All parents and/or guardians are asked to leave immediately after dropping off the children and not return until the scheduled visit pickup time.

We encourage visitors to bring snacks and/or games with you that are age appropriate for your children. Please check with your Case Supervisor to find out what is ok to bring with you to the Visitation House for your particular visit.

You can expect that Case Supervisors are there for the children. Case Supervisors do not have access to your legal files and they will not provide any type of legal advice regarding your particular case.

You can expect that all reporting done by the Case Supervisors is objective and fact based. All Case Supervisors are trained in how to observe a visitation.

You can expect that the Visitation House will be a positive and nurturing environment for your visit. We understand how hard it is to visit your child and/or children under supervision and we strive to make it as comfortable and secure as possible.