Rules of Visitations

Please fill this out, sign it and bring it with you to your first visit
(Download PDF Form to Sign)

The following rules are to be adhered to at all times before, during and after the visit. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of visitation and/or future visits.

  1. No weapons, drugs, alcohol or smoking on the premises. *Use of suspected drugs or alcohol prior to or during a visit is cause for the immediate termination of the visit.
  2. No discussion of the legal case with the children during the visit. No whispering, note passing or physical discipline will be allowed during the visit.
  3. The Case Supervisor will be within sight and sound range of the children at all times. Any visitor is not allowed to be in the restroom alone with the child at any time.
  4. No additional visitor(s) (*this includes additional children or family members) are allowed during the visit without prior authorized approval.
  5. All visits must be paid for by cash, check or money order at the time of the visit. Visits can be paid for in advance. *A receipt for payment will always be issued.
  6. All cancelations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit. NO EXCEPTIONS. Same day cancelations will be charged a $10 fee (except in the event of an acceptable emergency). If the visitor fails to show up for a visit (no show) and administrative fee of $25 will be charged to that party. No shows or cancellations of 3 consecutive visits in a row (excluding planned vacations) may result in visit program termination. Case Supervisor will wait 15 minutes for visitor to arrive after the scheduled start time. If visitor does not show within 15 minutes of scheduled start time, the visit will be considered a no show unless Visitor called to notify the Case Supervisor that they will be late.
  7. If a Case Supervisor is unable to do a visit, every effort will be made to find a substitute Case Supervisor. If a substitute Case Supervisor is not available, the visit will be cancelled and all parties notified of the cancellation. Makeup visits are subject to the schedule and availability of Case Supervisor. If the Case Supervisor is unable to re-schedule a cancelled visit, the fee pre-paid for the missed visit will be applied to the next scheduled visit.
  8. Case Supervisors have the right to stop the visit at any time if they feel that the visit is unsafe for the children or themselves. Behavior such as intimidation, threats, threatening gestures, verbal aggression or following the children or Case Supervisor’s car is unacceptable and may result in termination of the visit program and subsequent legal action.
  9. Failure to follow the above policies and procedures is cause for termination of the visit.
  10. All visitors are expected to sign release of information for their GAL and Attorney.

*If there is a No contact order between parties Case Supervisors may escort the Child to and from the visit house. The visiting parent will remain in their vehicle across the street until the residential parent has left the area. When visit is over visitor will remain inside until the child/residential parent have left the area.

  1. First time visits may arrive early so children can get comfortable with the visit house and case supervisor. Subsequent visits should be done in a timely manner with children arriving on time and being picked up on time. If you arrive more than 5 minutes early for pickup please do not park in the driveway to wait as this distracts children from their visit.
  2. If you are held up in traffic or arriving late for any reason you MUST call the Case Supervisor to request that they wait for your arrival.
  3. Case Supervisors will wait 15 minutes for all parties to arrive. If no calls have been received and a party is not present, the visit will be considered a NO SHOW.

*If you need to cancel a visit do so as soon as possible so that all parties can be notified. Failure to notify South Sound Family Services or your Case Supervisor of a cancellation is considered a No Show.

1.    No Shows and Cancellations of less than 4hr. will be charged  $25 to the Canceling Party (except for proven emergencies). An invoice will be generated with payment expected within thirty (30) days. If the charge is not paid within that time, a copy of the invoice will go to the court and/or Guardian ad Litem.

  1. Three (3) No Shows or Cancellations in a row may generate a failure to co-operate letter to the appropriate court and possible withdrawal of visitations services.
  2. All visit Observations and No Show/Cancellations are part of your court record either directly or through your Guardian ad Litem.

*SOUTH SOUND FAMILY SERVICES provides children safe access to non-custodial parents. We are part of the solution NOT part of your personal conflicts.

  1. We expect both sides to keep visitation appointments with their children.
  2. We expect you to take responsibility for these appointments; we will NOT call to remind you. You may call to clarify the visit arrangements.
  3. Case supervisors are objective reporters NOT advocates. If you need advocacy turn to you attorney or Guardian ad Litem.

*Your Case Supervisor is your contact person for all visits and scheduling. *You are responsible at all times for keeping the Supervisor informed of any cancellations or changes in your address, phone number or Court case status.